The Walking Dead: Tell It To The Frogs


Episode three of The Walking Dead premiered last night, and I was cautiously optimistic that it would be an improvement over the second episode, which had been pretty disappointing.

“Tell It To The Frogs” wasn’t really worse, at least. And the moment when Rick sees his wife and son was really sweet.

But it had some of the same problems, naturally, as the previous episode: Particularly dealing with resident racist Merle Dixon, whom they left on the roof of the highrise in Atlanta, with the door chained against the zombies. The other issue is the melodrama around Rick’s wife Lori, and her now-on-ice love affair with his best friend Shane. It’s not clear to me how long it’s been since Lori and Carl left home and joined the other survivors, but I don’t see anything unseemly about her being with Shane — at least not under these circumstances.

Merle escapes the roof, of course, and leaves only his sawed-off hand behind for Rick and the others to find when they return to rescue him. We’ll see him again, probably at the end of the season where he will return to make trouble in a cliffhanger.

In trying to pinpoint my disappointment with the series, I think it’s related to the fact that I just finished Max Brooks’ World War Z and have started The Zombie Survival Guide. What I liked about Z is that it couples vignettes of human drama with clearly defined zombie mythology, and it looks at the larger world outside of the U.S. (which, as I mentioned in my first post, is something I hope this show does, but I’m beginning to doubt it will. And to be fair, I do recognize that these people are theoretically working with a limited amount of information, and they probably don’t know what’s happening one state over, much less in China. So maybe I’m just being impatient.).

Anyway, I don’t think the foolishness going on in the camp is compelling enough to meet the show’s need for human drama, especially because, aside from Rick and Glenn, none of the characters are all that interesting. Yet.



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5 responses to “The Walking Dead: Tell It To The Frogs

  1. Encrazed Crafts

    Ah, but Rick and Glenn are the main character and the comedic relief, respectively. Is it that they are interesting, or that people just don’t like the others as much? I think Dale is pretty good, Morgan was amazing and Duane was great for a child actor to pull off.

    I think that this episode did wonders for Lori and Shane to be approachable characters, for now. We will see what happens, and based on interviews off of the show, Shane might very well turn back into the guy everyone loves to hate (with Ed being out of commission, and Merle MIA, of course). I really liked this episode, it’s my favorite one so far, really. Hopefully they can find a little better balance of character development and action, though. It seems as if they are doing a flip-flop of explanation and action every other episode right now.

    Short and to the point review. Very well done 😀

    • Ah, but Rick and Glenn are the main character and the comedic relief, respectively. Is it that they are interesting, or that people just don’t like the others as much?

      Good question. I think that may be the case for me, at least. And maybe that’s because we haven’t spent that much time with any other characters, besides Morgan and Duane from the first episode.

      And I really agree on the point of balancing character development and action. This one was really light on zombies/scary moments and I think it made the episode less fun. Thanks for commenting!

      • Encrazed Crafts

        My pleasure! Let’s hope they jazz up the next episode a bit more than this one! (Not that this one wasn’t great in my opinion, but too many lulls in honest-to-goodness ‘action’ will make me long to see something actually happen. Based on the previews we’ll see some, maybe one of those boring extras you don’t like bites the dust! Or…something dusty bites them. Either or ^_^)

  2. Eddy

    I’ve never read it, but from what I understand characters bite the dust all the time in the comic. Will be interesting to see what the show does with it.

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