Weekend Links

Was rather swamped toward the end of last week, so here are links to things.

  • Kay examines Quinn Morgendorffer. Related: I’m now tempted to foist upon you all my thoughts on Cordelia Chase.
  • I’m not sure if this really is the best way to roast a duck, but it came out really well for my anti-turkey Thanksgiving dinner, and I got some amazing duck fat out of it.
  • Marvel’s woman problem.
  • This Awl/Splitsider essay on Phil Hartman and his association with The Simpsons is fascinating, lovely, and heartbreaking.
  • Lies she has told.

And yesterday, I watched Love Actually, and while I’m willing to admit it has some problems, to me, it is perfect. The soundtrack is part of the reason, so I’m sharing Eva Cassidy’s “Songbird,” which backs the scene where Laura Linney has to choose between taking a call from her mentally ill brother or getting it on with the man she’s been in love with for two years.


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