How I Know We’re Living In The Future*

Choire Sicha marvels, hilariously, at the Chase bank app that allows you to deposit checks using your phone:

SERIOUSLY I just DEPOSITED A CHECK INSIDE MY BANK WHILE BEING INSIDE MY OWN HOME, by taking “pictures” of the “check” with my “smart phone” and then suddenly the “money” is “in” the BANK. (Well okay it is “pending,” and if they “accept” it then I just get to “destroy” (their word!) the check?

When I moved to D.C. about six months ago, I had to open a Bank of America account because Chase wasn’t in the area, and I had to deposit my first paycheck. (By the way, I still don’t understand why direct deposit doesn’t happen immediately.) My roommate had a Chase app on his iPhone, and I lamented that there wasn’t one for Android.

Choire’s post reminded me to check the Android market to see if there was now a Chase app, and lo and behold, there now is!

The point of this is to say, one of the few drawbacks to Android is that it has a limited app selection (actually, it’s the only drawback). But in six months of Android phone ownership, I’ve consistently found that major apps are becoming available. Essentially, the question is no longer: “Why isn’t there an Android app for that?” It’s now become: “When will the Android app for that be available?”

This is a sure sign that businesses are recognizing Android ownership is on the rise, and considering the OS is available on all carriers, they can get deeper market penetration by offering apps on other systems besides iOS. This will change a bit when Verizon gets the iPhone — there are certainly people holding out for it — but it’s encouraging to see that apps are being developed for multiple systems.

*My mom, on the other hand, suggests that this is a sign of the Last Days.


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