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Playing catch up after nearly two weeks off means doing a lot of reading, of course. But when it’s at the beginning of the new year, it seems that everyone has suddenly become insanely productive to make up for all of the napping and eating. I’ve already bookmarked a dozen or so articles today that I plan to read this week. Here are a few promising ones:

• A long profile of Allen Iverson in Philadelphia magazine.

• A piece from Colorlines on the “white world of sports journalism.”

• My geek journo friends keep reccing this piece on Washington and online democracy.

• I’m almost dreading reading this Mother Jones story on rape in Haitian tent villages from Mac McClelland who has been doing great, heartbreaking reporting down there.

• I grumble a lot about tech journalism, but maybe I won’t have a reason to after I work my way through this list of great tech writing from 2010.

• And, sure, I already read this Craigslist Missed Connection for a bus boyfriend, but I’ll probably re-read it cuz it’s so good.


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