Links: Can’t Help It, The Girl Can’t Help It

  • David Carr makes so many digs in this piece about the Redskins owner Dan Snyder’s lawsuit against Washington City Paper. Related, Adam Serwer explains why this is a freedom of the press issue.
  • Oh, speaking of football and Adam, last night he wrote a tweet heard ’round the world.
  • I’m thinking of taking back all the lovely things I said about Wyoming. Sen. Barrasso thinks you should trust him on health care reform because he’s a doctor.
  • Though I didn’t attend the party where this was invented (mazel tov, Gabe and Michael!), Who Is Your Black Swan? is an excellent game, indeed. Mine…well, let’s just say mine inspires #187 like no other.
  • Choire Sicha at the Awl highlighted @DCJourno, an amazing fake Twitter account. (And sweetly shouted me out, thanks Choire!)

And look, it’s probably better that we never speak of the Super Bowl and the Black Eyed Peas again, but I still love Fergie. She’s way better when she’s being sweet and funny instead of trying to keep up with Will.I.Am’s crazy (or singing live). Here’s “Clumsy.”


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