Hate on Glee, ctd

Alright, guys. I hate Glee. I tried to work with the show, but after the first season, it was time to bail. I’ve been catching snatches of it lately thanks to my roommate (whose taste is otherwise impeccable), but seeing recent episodes have mostly* served to reinforce my hate.

With that said, I think Hampton Stevens’ argument against the show’s recent picks for a “World’s Greatest Love Songs” episode is just silly:

Just because Glee is a show about high school kids doesn’t mean high school kids should pick the music. Has no one there heard of Cole Porter or the Gershwin brothers? Forget “greatest love songs”—Perry’s “Firework” isn’t a love song at all. It’s a motivational anthem, and a super cheesy one at that.

Glee being a show (and an unrealistic one at that) about high school kids exactly means that high school kids would pick the music. It makes perfect sense that Rachel would go for Katy Perry. These kids have continually fought against traditional songs; that was the entire premise of the Britney episode!

Now, if the argument is against the bastardization of the meaning of “Greatest Love Songs,” well, that’s an argument I can get behind. Especially since the greatest love song of all time — one that didn’t make it onto Stevens’ list (Jimmy Durante? I can tell someone else got teary eyed over ‘The Notebook.’) — is obviously Johnny Cash’s “I Walk The Line.”

*I say “mostly” because Sara made me watch this clip of the posh boys’ school performing “Bills Bills Bills” and it is completely charming.

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One response to “Hate on Glee, ctd

  1. Damali

    I’ve never watched Glee. That’s how much I hate it.

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