Why So Many Cake Tribute Videos?

they laugh, they make money
he’s got a gold watch
she’s got a silk dress
and healthy breasts that bounce on his Italian leather sofa

I was going to write a post about the Cake concert I went to on Saturday at the 9:30 Club (it was great) and how Cake is better than you remember, but as I was looking for videos to illustrate the post, I discovered something funny: There are a lot of student- and fan-made videos for Cake songs.

Meanwhile, official videos are harder to find. And that, I think, is somewhat more interesting than talking about a concert you probably had to attend to enjoy, so instead, let’s look at some amateur Cake videos.

“Nugget” — Fashion Nugget (1996): This one is just strange, but playful (Note: This is the unedited version in which the chorus is “Shut the fuck up / Learn to buck up.” You’ve been warned.)

“Short Skirt, Long Jacket” — Comfort Eagle (2001): Below, a fake band pretends to play the song while an attractive woman smiles and jogs and plays with her hair.

“She’ll Come Back To Me” — Fashion Nugget (1996): This one is somewhat
professional looking, and pretty cool…until it gets all faux deep when a headless woman in underwear gyrates on the lead’s lap as he looks away sadly.

“Sheep Go To Heaven” — Prolonging The Magic (1998): This is a video made up entirely of clips from My Little Pony. No sheep or goats appear.

I’m not sure why Cake songs lend themselves so well to video tributes (or, rather, so poorly). Perhaps it’s the lyrics of the songs, which often go from literal to whimsical and back again?

she’s got a serrated edge that she moves back and forth
it’s such a simple machine, she doesn’t have to use force
when she gets what she wants, she puts the rest on a tray
in a zip-lock bag
in the freezer

At any rate, this post may not be of interest to people who aren’t Cake fans (whoops, should have mentioned that earlier!), but it was fun to research.


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